8 Ways To Grow Your e-commerce business

The e-commerce space is one of the most profitable yet competitive industries around. The high competitiveness is due to its very low barrier to entry which enables anyone with internet access to easily start an eCommerce business.

The best way to beat the competition as an e-commerce business owner is to grow your business. I have compiled 8 proven ways of growing your e-commerce business in this article. By the way, I recommend iTonic when it comes to outsourcing your online store’s growth.

  • Give Value: Content marketing is one of the few cost-effective ways you can grow your business. Apparently, your e-commerce has a blog, a mailing list, or both. Churn out valuable content on the pain points of your target audience on a regular basis. However you must ensure you are not being creepy nor being overly generous with your content meaning if your content is too salesy, it creeps your target audience and they may never buy from you and once you have given enough value, you should never be scared to ask for the sale.
  • Have a strong presence on social media: almost everyone with internet access has a social media account and it is very likely that your target audience are already on social media. So get on social media and regularly share valuable info with your connections. Avoid posting only offers, and promotions on your social media, it rarely gets you the sale.
  • Manage your online presence with Google My Business: Make it easy for your target audience to search and locate your business whenever they search google by creating a Google My Business account.
  • Create the best experience for your website visitors: As an e-commerce business, your website must be fast loading, mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate. If your website does not have any of these features, your website will have fewer visitors and fewer conversions.
  • Be data-driven in your marketing: there are many analytic tools you can use to track engagement with your website. These analytic tools enable you to see where your e-commerce business needs to improve. For instance, there is an insight tool on Instagram, google analytics for your website, and so on.
  • Personalize each visitor’s experience: Anytime your e-commerce website gets a visitor, engage them in conversations to increase the probability of conversion. Live chat and video calling are some of the tools you can integrate on your website to make each visitor’s experience unique.

By engaging the visitors in conversation you will be able to quickly solve their queries and it is very likely they trust your brand more than websites that give them the silent treatment.

  • Occasionally offer bundled items for your customers: Take the time to combine various goods that help your customers satisfy their wants in a better way on your e-commerce website. People are naturally lazy and they’d trust a brand that goes the extra mile in making life easier for them.

Offer reasonable guarantees and warranties on your offerings: This gives the customer assurance that they have nothing to lose when they patronize your e-commerce business.

By George-Wilson

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