10 Dangerous Drugs You Likely Haven’t Heard Of

Drug addiction is a common menace in society that has taken over most of the younger generation. There are many addictive drugs that are dangerous to you, and each has its different reactions. The common ones are cocaine, ecstasy, morphine, among others. However, it may interest you to know that these are not the only addictive drugs on the globe. There are some other addictive drugs that you don’t even know of. Let’s discuss some of these drugs.

  • Dragon Fly

No, this isn’t the Dragonfly insect that you know. The chemical structure of this drug resembles a dragonfly that’s where the name comes from. It’s a drug with hallucinogenic properties on a level more than most hallucinogenic drugs. This drug can affect you for a long period, and it can cause heart diseases, death, seizures, among others. See this leading drug rehab in Long Island.

  • Scopolamine

This drug is mostly found in nations across countries like Colombia and Ecuador. The effects of this drug have multiple guesses from researchers. But a pronounced one is the fact that a user loses confidence and becomes a slave. So whoever gives them orders at the time is in charge. 

  • Foxy methoxy

This drug is one with hallucinogenic properties. Once you use this drug, you begin to live in an imaginary world. All the things you feel, see or hear are not in real existence. It’s a schedule 1 drug(highly illegal) and it may cause you to live in that imagination often. 

  • Methaqualone

This drug is a highly deceptive sedative drug with the deception that starts from its name. The name of this drug in the USA is different from that of the UK. Moreso, this drug comes in tablet form, but users mostly powder it before using it. It was a drug used to prevent and fight malaria in India, but today it’s a deadly drug. Users mix the ground form of these drugs with either tobacco or marijuana. The street name is ludes.

  • Desomorphine

This drug is known on the streets as either krokodil or a zombie drug. This deadly drug gets its source from codeine. It’s an opioid drug that affects the physical appearance of the user adversely. The skin may begin to rot and get filled with dead tissues. After that, the bones of the user protrude and will give a crocodile-like shape, which is where it earns the krokodil make from. This drug will kill users for between two to three years.

  • Khat

Khat is a deadly drug that originates from Africa. The drug has a major constituent of the cathinone drug which makes you extremely happy. Asides from the happiness, you lose your appetite and enter a state of euphoria. Users of this drug take the leaf at its freshest form as tea or raw. 

  • Butane hash oil 

This drug is essentially a compound from marijuana, THC. So the source of this drug is marijuana. To make the drug, manufacturers heat up the marijuana with butane at high levels. The process of making this drug is very daunting and risky. It can cause home explosions and even burns on the face. More so, you may need to take in butane alongside the THC because some butane may remain. The street name for this drug is dabs.

  • Bath Salts

While they have a good name, bath salts have dangerous properties. Users of this drug ingest or inhale the drug. The drug is a stimulating drug with constituents similar to cathinone. 

  • Benzo fury

Benzo fury is a drug that has both hallucinogenic and stimulating properties. It has a label that resembles that of a K2 drug which makes it popular. The effects of this drug last more than 10 hours which makes it extremely dangerous.

  • Flakka

The history of this drug dates back to 2013 and its real name is Alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone. This drug is artificial and stimulates high levels of adrenaline. The drugs give you strength that you may not exactly want as you may begin to harm yourself or anyone around you.

By George-Wilson

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