Ship Car to Another State: Tips and Tricks

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Nowadays, a car has become a necessity, even for the simplest daily tasks. If you’re planning a move, a long vacation, or a business trip to another state, you might want your four-wheeler with you. In many cases, it’s more cost-effective than renting a car.

There are many ways to transport your car to a new address, which you can find out about at this link. Using a car shipping company allows you to entrust your four-wheeler to reputable carriers with many years of experience in the business. It brings convenience, safety, and ultimate peace of mind. The financial moment isn’t negligible either, considering this service costs less than hiring movers to ship your car or driving it yourself.

It’s good to have at least a basic understanding of the car shipping process to enjoy the most benefits. We give you some handy tips on how to do that.

Know What You Need

Car transportation companies offer different types of services because the market demands them. There are regular shipping methods, such as open trailers or enclosed containers for several vehicles. Carriers carry out vehicle transport from pick-up to drop-off points but can also deliver it directly to your address. Also, there are premium services, such as renting a special trailer for a single vehicle.

Once you know what services are available, you can think about what best suits your needs and budget. For example, if you have an expensive, rare vehicle to transport to a car expo in another state, you’ll prefer enclosed door-to-door transport. In this way, your four-wheeler is maximally protected. But be ready to pay extra for the utmost safety and convenience.

Open trailer transport is the cheapest way of transport, which is also safe and convenient. It comes at more affordable rates because the carrier transports several vehicles in one route. Pair that with delivering your car to the nearest drop-off point, and you can save a bunch.

Research Multiple Carriers

Even if your vehicle isn’t expensive, it’s one of the most valuable things you own. So leaving its transport to anyone isn’t the best idea. Instead, take your time to research different transportation companies and compare the quality and price of their services.

You don’t need these services often, so you probably have a lot of questions. The most important thing is to find a well-established company with a good reputation and proven track record. Take your time to read online reviews and testimonials from previous clients to spot possible red flags.

It’s essential that the transportation company is licensed and has a valid DOT number. The license guarantees business legitimacy and also obliges carriers to carry proper insurance. A good insurance policy will get you covered if something happens to your vehicle during transport. Things like this rarely happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Choose Good Timing

Car shipping

Car shipping rates depend a lot on the season. There are busy periods of the year when carriers have a lot of work, and following the demand, they increase service rates. If you need to ship car to another state during peak season, expect to pay higher rates. But if you can move the shipping date, you can grab favorable deals.

In this case, shipping brokers can be of great help. They can find you favorable transportation for dates that suit you. Since they work with many transportation companies, they know when a place opens up for the route you need at a time that suits you. It usually costs less than if you were to do this search yourself.

Check Pricing and Payment Methods

When choosing a carrier, budget is critical. It’s good to be familiar with the prices of transport to the desired destination, and reputable companies generally have approximate rates for their services. They’re free to determine whether clients will pay a deposit or settle everything upon vehicle delivery.

Transportation companies can accept different payment methods. In any case, they should have a transparent pricing structure. So before you commit and sign anything, be clear with all fees. Stay away from carriers that require full cash payments in advance. It can be a scam, and you can be left without both your vehicle and money.

Although it may seem like a good option, don’t settle with a transportation company with the lowest rates. These can be carriers without enough work experience, unlicensed, or scammers. Companies without a license usually don’t have proper insurance, which can be a major risk. Always pay more for good coverage and get peace of mind.

Shipping your car to another state can be a hassle, as you have to think about many things. To have the ultimate peace of mind, entrust this job to a reputable carrier. They’ll deliver your four-wheeler wherever you want, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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