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Whenever people visit shops, they find different products present on the shelves. Each one of them has special packaging. It makes the product prominent among the others. Companies use different boxes due to the different nature of the products. Some products are delicate and they need durable boxes. Whereas, some other items need unique and custom packaging because they are expensive and luxurious. Therefore, companies have started using different types of retail boxes to pack all the different products. These boxes are compatible with a lot of products ranging from daily used retail products to expensive gift items.


Retail boxes wholesale packaging is available in different types. Each box is unique and different from any other box present on the shelf. It is best suited to the product and helps to attract buyers. These boxes are differentiated based on their raw material, their outlook and the products which they contain. Some of them are:

Cardboard boxes:

Companies use these boxes mainly for retail products or special products which need extra protection. Cardboard is a thick and durable material and it consists of various layers. Therefore, it is the best material for securing the product against any damage. Moreover, companies can also use this material for shipping the product. It will protect the product against extra pressure and other factors such as moisture.

The main point which attracts the companies is durability and customizability. However, the texture of the box is not so smooth and customers might not get a premium feel when they hold the box. Therefore, these boxes are better for packaging retail items.

Kraft boxes:

This is another type of box based on the raw material. This material resembles a paper. However, it is a bit more durable and tough. The best thing about these custom retail boxes is the wide customization options that they give to the companies. Companies can choose the desired color, outlook, and dimensions for the box. Moreover, they can also add windows and handles.

These boxes are the best choice for packing gifts and other expensive items. They provide a good balance between customizability and product security. Companies use these boxes to attract more buyers. When people see beautiful boxes on the shelves, they want to try the product too. Therefore, the chances of them buying the product increase.

Window boxes:

When people visit shops to buy gifts or any other product, they only want to buy the best quality product. But for it, they would need to take every product out and try it. This is not possible because all the products are sealed. However, companies don’t want the customers to go for other options. So, they prepare amazing retail boxes with a small transparent area in the box. Mostly, they insert a transparent sheet that is which allows the customers to see the product.

They can judge the quality of the product by having a glance at it. Thereafter, if they find that the product has good quality, they can buy it. Otherwise, they can keep looking for more options. But once they see that the company has put effort to show them the product, they are more encouraged to buy it.

Boxes with handle:

Packaging boxes can slip from the hands and this might damage the product. Moreover, handing over the gift present in a simple box does not look good. Therefore, companies add special handles to the boxes. These are prepared from cardboard or any other durable material so that the box can handle the weight of the product. It increases the grip on the product and also makes it easier to carry the product around. Moreover, people specially buy gifts packed in these types of boxes at it looks unique and also leave a better impression on the recipient.

Companies can either use the same color as the box for the handle or they can try out a new color to give a contrasting look to the box. Along with that, consumers can also add graphics to enhance the outer look of these items. They can also add a logo design to enhance the brand recognition. You should ensure that these boxes are accessible in variety of shades, styles, designs, and numbers. Consumers can avail of them at economical prices. Also, they can add lovely designs.

Pillow boxes:

These boxes resemble a pillow in shape, which means that they are closed on both sides and they have space in the center where companies can place the products. These boxes are more suitable for smaller products such as toffees, chocolates, soaps and candles. Moreover, companies spend less cost in preparing them due to their small size. Mostly, companies use Kraft material to prepare these boxes. Therefore, they can use a variety of customizations on these different type of retail boxes to attract the products.

Tuck end boxes:

These boxes have a flap which tucks inside the box. These are commonly used for packaging tablets, syrups, light bulbs, perfumes and a lot of other items. Almost all the products in the shops have flaps that fold inside. All such boxes are easy to handle and customers can open the lid to see the quality of the box. These boxes are easy to manufacture and companies can buy them in large numbers because they come as flattened boxes and are opened up in the packaging sites.

Placing the product in these different type of retail boxes is quite easy. The same is the case with taking out the product. These boxes are not suitable for heavier and larger products. However, companies might use customization to prepare larger boxes with durable raw materials.

Sliding boxes:

These boxes consist of two parts or boxes. The outer box is thinner and heavily customized. It acts as a sleeve. Whereas, the inner box is thick to protect the product and it is usually plain. The use of two different boxes gives a good contrasting look and also provides double protection to the product. These are eco-friendly retail boxes and the box printers companies can recycle them to prepare new boxes. Therefore, they decrease the packaging cost and allow the companies to provide more products in the market. This packaging is common for perfumes and wallets. Companies specially pack mobile phones in such boxes because these boxes give a premium look and companies can alter them in different ways to highlight the product.

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