How to Apply Mascara like a Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

Everyone wants to look their best, and makeup is a great way to enhance your natural beauty. But sometimes you need a little help from the pros to get the perfect makeup look. The best thing about working with a makeup artist is that they are going to know just how much of which product you need for your particular skin tone and other needs.

Different Ways of Applying Mascara like A Makeup

People are also going to be able to show you how to apply mascara like a professional so that you can be sure that it is going on evenly and in the right spots, without any smudging or clumping. This is a really good look for going out to the club, or if you are just going out for dinner and drinks. This kind of mascara is great for evening out your eyes so that they pop, and it will make them look brighter.

1: Dry the Base before Applying Mascara to the Skin

Next, apply a base over each eyelid and let that dry for a few minutes until it is almost dry. You don’t want it so thick that you cannot put on the mascara, but you do want it to be in place, so there are no gaps for air or other products getting in between your eyes and your mascara.

Benefits of Drying the Base

If you will finish your mascara, there is no reason to be upset. Scientists have found that washing your face with makeup remover and then drying it off can help protect the delicate skin around your eyes from potential irritation. There have also been studies saying that this step may even prevent eye infections and other damage related to bacteria build-up in the eyes. The eyes are a crucial part of the skin.

Applying your mascara dry can make it more durable, allowing you to get through multiple stages without reapplication, which is great for those of us who wear makeup in classes or at work.

2: Clan up The Old Makeup

First, you want to make sure that your base is clean, and makeup free. Then apply a primer over the entire eyelid and leave it on while applying the foundation. This way your makeup is going to look smoother.

Reasons for Cleaning the Old Makeup

There are a number of people who clean their old mascara before applying a fresh coat. The most common reason given for this is to avoid staining their brush and adding unwanted dirt from your sink to your make-up. However, this has also been attributed to some other benefits as well. For instance, you may clean off your old make-up with water or soap. Before reapplying in order for it to be more effective when applied fresh on your eyelashes. In addition, some believe that washing their old cosmetic brushes will prevent bacteria buildup and lessen the chances of infection while using them again later on down the line.

3: Test Your Mascara before Applying

Before you start you want to test out your mascara as well as check how long it takes to dry. You will choose the mascara in fresh condition. So, get the mascara from a unique brand, because these brands use durable custom mascara boxes to keep them secure.

You can have time to fix any mistakes before the mascara dries on your lashes. You also want to close your eyes when you are testing the dry time so that when it does dry on your lashes, it doesn’t get into your eyes or onto your eyelids. If you are wearing any eye shadow, you will want to apply it before your mascara, so that the foundation can go on smoothly.

4: Apply the Foundation

Apply your foundation over the entire face leaving no streaks or gaps anywhere. There are tons of ways to reap the benefits of this foundation without putting any extra work into it. You can easily use it on its own or mix it with a moisturizer or cream blush for an easy way to create natural definition and depth in all those areas.

How Can You Choose the Right Foundation?

A lot of people use mascara-like makeup to feel more confident and beautiful, but it can sometimes be hard to find the right type foundation-especially in warm weather. If you’re looking for an easy way to choose your foundation this summer, you might want to check out tips from professional makeup artists. Some experts mention that choosing a good makeup base is as important in the summer because sweat and oil can make your skin look older than it really is.

5: Use a Small Makeup Brush

Next, you want to take a small, clean makeup brush and apply a small amount of eyeliner on the inside of your eye socket up as close to the eyebrow as possible and then bring it across the lash line. This makes your eyes look wider and brighter. Just make sure that you don’t let too much of this product get onto your lower lid or it will be hard to remove later when you wash off your makeup for the day. A small brush is a makeup tool like any other, but it has many benefits for facials, especially those that require deep cleansing, exfoliation, or extraction with harsh cleansers like water.


The key to mastering mascara application is following a step-by-step process. It all starts by separating the lashes with a comb, then using downward strokes to fan out the tips of your lashes. Test your mascara. Choose the best packaging mascara, because this can keep your mascara fresh. Next, curl your lashes top and bottom with an eyelash curler. The selection of the foundation is very important during makeup. With a small makeup brush, apply one coat to both the top and bottom lashes. Allow this layer to dry for about 20 seconds before applying additional coats.

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