What to Wear on a Beach Vacation: 8 Outfit Ideas to Put You in a Getaway Mood

Beach Vacation

Summer isn’t complete without a trip to the beach, or a beach vacation. Once you’re down for a beach vacation, the big challenge is what to wear on the beach. Fashion trends are always changing and sometimes, it’s a bit hard to keep up with all the changes. Not only do you have to worry about the trends, but there is also your comfort to consider. With the sunny weather and heat to worry about, your comfort is paramount. With that being said, here are some of the top beach outfits to put you in a getaway mood this summer:

A Sarong

The sarong isn’t the full outfit, but adding a sarong over your bikini can serve as a great beach outfit. If you are too self-conscious to leave your hotel room in just a bikini, then throwing a sarong around it will surely make you more comfortable. Seeing as the sarong is light and compatible with the summer, and sure to let you enjoy the summer, then it is perfect for a beach vacation.

Linen All The Way

All linen outfits are the latest trend and it is a perfect outfit choice for the summer because it affords comfort. You can choose any outfit you like so long as it is in keeping with this all-linen trend. Whether it is a linen button-up shirt or a linen dress, or linen pants, you are sure to find it to your liking, once you pair them together. You are sure to feel the cool summer breeze and still be protected from the sun while taking a stroll on the beach.


Sometimes fashion is less about what you are wearing than what you pair it with and how it all fits together. Accessories can be the main attraction in your outfit, allowing you to wear something more comfortable, whilst still stunning. From beach hats to glasses and comfy slippers, all accessories are sure to add something to your appearance. The only thing you need to worry about her is ensuring that everything matches.

Sporty Wears

If you plan to be active at the beach, or maybe to just take a lap around, then you are sure to want something comfortable. Activewear is comfortable enough to protect you from the sun whilst still allowing you fresh air. You also won’t have to worry about sweating when having fun as your clothes are built to withstand it. Additionally, most sportswear tends to be anti-odor, allowing you to be free to have fun without worry.

Dinner Dress

Dinner dates on a beach vacation are always fun especially when your significant other is there with you. Women’s dresses aren’t complete if there isn’t something that can be both formal and casual simultaneously, and that is what a dinner dress is. While your dates are going to be romantic being set on the beach, you will likely need something more classy than beach wear. A dinner beach dress is perfect in this scenario, affording you both comfort and class.

Tropical Print

If you own tropical print clothes, then a beach vacation is the ideal location to use them. The more the merrier in this scenario, as you can do just about anything with tropical print clothes on a beach vacation. Thanks to the abundance of nature you are sure to encounter on your vacation, your tropical print clothing will blend right in.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are some of the most comfortable clothes and the summer is the perfect time to showcase them especially if you have great legs. Pair your denim shorts with a pair of canvas and a floral print top and you are ready to go.

Strapless Dresses

Strapless dresses are a classic when it comes to women’s dresses as it affords greater freedom, and doesn’t cause much discomfort. Whether it’s a one-piece or multiple-piece dress, it is sure to be a hit in the summer. Best of all, it can serve as both casual and formal, and still, have you feeling comfortable in either scenario. You should match your dress with some scandals or even some light-colored boots, which will deliver a statement.


Summer is a time to let your fashion sense loose and experiment with different clothing options, but it is also a time to prioritize comfort. Summer holidays arent complete without a trip to the beach, and we have compiled a list of the best fashion choices for a beach vacation.

By Taen

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