[pii_email_e22b23fa9dff05c94424] Error Solved in 2021

[pii_email_e22b23fa9dff05c94424] Error Solved

Microsoft has always strived at making our lives easier by offering services that make our lives and businesses tranquil. Although it is efficient, users of the Microsoft portal experience different error codes from time to time. Each error has its unique error code just like it has its unique cause and unique recovery method. pii_email_e22b23fa9dff05c94424] Error is experienced by users when trying to send an email and occurs because there exist a conflict with the SMTP server. Whenever such an error occurs, the user should duly focus on solving it urgently to avoid delay in work which could lead to a business loss that could take longer to recover.

What is this error?

With a system where different error codes arise due to specific reasons, users of the Microsoft portal should ensure they are aware of all the errors they are deemed to face and what causes them. This way, people can figure out different solutions. This error code indicates existence of a malfunction in the system hence it cannot function properly.

What causes of [pii_email_e22b23fa9dff05c94424] Error?

Different reasons would make you experience this error. The error can occur to any user without bias, the users need to understand the root cause of their problems for them to find ways to mitigate the problem. Some of the causes of this Error include;

1. Multiple accounts logged into the system.

Our devices allow us to carry on with our work efficiently by providing us with access to multiple accounts. You might find that you are accessing different accounts in the system at the same time and in some cases, you could be accessing them from the same device. This flexibility allows us to work efficiently and saves us time that would be used in logging in and out of an account when the need arises which could take up most of your time. Although it makes your work easier, users should understand that this action could lead to triggering a malfunction in the system and hence experiencing this Error.

3. Using an Obsolete version of Outlook.

With the changing trends in the technological world, manufacturers are always trying to improve the user experience by proving newer, user-friendly versions of different software. Users who are not conversant with what is going in the technology world sometimes find themselves stuck to an obsolete version that has most functions not working. If you are using an outdated version of Microsoft Outlook, you are most likely to experience Error.

4. Trends in the system’s cache.

Devices with higher cache memory are said to have better performance but in some cases, trends in the system cache could be the leading cause of this Error. 

5. Conflicts between the PC’s interaction and various mail software.

Those using windows will find that it has different variations such as Windows 7,8 and 10. At the same time, there are different versions of outlook available for Microsoft users. Some versions of the outlook are not supported by different variations of windows and if installed, it will lead to this Error. Users should therefore understand that for a successful job, there should be compatibility between the variation of windows used and the version of outlook. Before installing any software thoroughly research is key.

How to solve [pii_email_e22b23fa9dff05c94424] Error in 2021

Anytime you see an error in your Microsoft portal, it means that Microsoft is not doing its job properly like it is supposed to do. Understanding the root cause of an error is the first step towards solving it properly. Some of the ways that you can solve this error include;

Logging out of multiple accounts

Having different accounts works well for us by making our work efficient but it could also be the source of our error. If you have multiple active accounts, it is recommended that you sign out from all of them and log in to your Microsoft outlook account. This can be used as the first option for trying to rectify the error.

Changing settings

Another way you can solve this error is by changing your device’s settings. Changing the internet connection settings can also help in rectifying the problem and should be considered.

Clearing Cache

The error can also be solved by clearing the device’s cache. When you clear the cache, the junk files that have accumulated over time and the unnecessary gaps that could be eating up the device memory are all eliminated. This method not only helps in resolving [pii_email_e22b23fa9dff05c94424Error but also increases the device’s speed.

Change the device

In some instances, the error is associated with a certain device due to its software. Changing the device being used can help in solving this error.

Using Microsoft Web version

Since a majority of the people always update when there is a newer version, having the latest web version of Microsoft can solve your [pii_email_e22b23fa9dff05c94424] Error. The web version is the most widely used hence Microsoft’s team ensures that they get the best service and do not suffer from this error like the older versions.

Changing the Variation of Windows being used

Different variations of windows might not be compatible with the outlook version you are using and could be the root cause of [pii_email_e22b23fa9dff05c94424] Error for your device. To solve this error, the user should change the variation of windows they are using after researching the most compatible versions.

Updating Microsoft outlook

Using an older version of Microsoft outlook might hinder you from unlocking new features which might cause [pii_email_e22b23fa9dff05c94424] Error. If you do not have the latest version of outlook, consider updating to get one. This will eliminate the error and give you access to new features that will open a whole new set of opportunities for you or your business.


Although prevention is better than cure, sometimes we are faced with problems that we could not have prevented. Whenever this happens, we should first find out the cause of the problem which will enable us to make a proper diagnosis for it. If you follow all the outlined guidelines and the problem persists, consider contacting any Microsoft representative for assistance.

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