Where to do 200-Hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Germany?

Yoga Teacher Training

For the people who are living in Germany, selecting the best Yoga ashram or school can be a little difficult as there are a lot of good ashrams. 200 hours yoga teacher training is one of the most recognized yoga training. It allows you to teach yoga to others as a teacher. But for that, you will have to complete your training and obtain a certification of 200 hours of teacher training in Germany. If you want to get your 200 hours of yoga teacher training from the best ashram, you should consider selecting one of the ashrams below. 

  • Arhanta Yoga Ashram:

The Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the best and biggest online yoga ashrams that you can join to do your 200 hours of yoga teacher training in Germany. This is considered the best ashram for online classes, but they also offer offline yoga sessions as well, through their studios in Germany and India as well. They also have offices all over Europe that you can visit if you want to change your destination from Germany. But if you want the best yoga experience at your home or within your country, still it offers multiple courses taught by the most experienced yoga gurus in the world. You can join them through their websites and book your sessions.

  • Zen Yoga:

The Zen Yoga studio is also one of the best yoga studios in Germany that offers a unique blend of Indian Yoga. They have some of the best European and Indian Yoga teachers who provide quality education and practical knowledge about yoga. Also, in 200 hours of yoga teacher training, they provide materials and training related to the opening of the yoga ashram or studio as well. So, if you do your classes from Zen Yoga, you will be able to enjoy these benefits as well. You can join their classes from their online website, and book your yoga retreat to their closest ashram. 

  • Yoga Circle:

Yoga Circle is also one of the best and Biggest Indian yoga centers in Germany that offers 200 hours of yoga teacher training to willing students, who want to become yoga teachers in the future. It offers the best quality education and practical knowledge through its quality yoga tutors. They offer certifications that are valid worldwide and that you can use to join any yoga alliance that you want in Germany or abroad. The certification they offer allows you to open your own yoga studio and teach yoga to other people. 

  • Freistil Yoga:

If you are more into the practicality of yoga and less into the theoretical part, and philosophy, you should join Freistil Yoga for your 200 hours of yoga teacher training program that they offer to anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher. They have an option of online training, but they also offer online courses as well. At the end of your course, you are awarded a highly recognized certificate, that allows you to teach yoga in Germany and other parts of the world. It gives you enough knowledge that you can start your own yoga ashram or studio as well. But this yoga ashram focuses more on practical poses, instead of the theory of yoga, so, you should not consider this a priority. 

  • YogaMazé:

The YogaMazé is another European-style yoga studio that offers multiple yoga courses and training, including the 200-hour yoga teacher training as well. If you are interested in this training, you should join their offline session in their nearest studio, visit their online website and join online if you are living in a remote area. They offer not only the training but also the certification that is considered valid internationally. You can join any yoga alliance in Germany and abroad, also, you can set up your own yoga ashram if you want as well. Make sure to learn more about their services through the reviews on their websites and other yoga websites to know more about them. You can join them through their online website and also offline ashrams as well. 

  • Ishta Yoga:

The Ishta Yoga is another Indian-styled yoga ashram that offers pure yoga, with complete theory and practical poses. It focuses on both aspects of yoga with a balance. It also focuses on the spirituality factor of yoga as well. They also offer 200-hour yoga teacher training courses as well that willing persons can join through their online website portal and also offline ashrams. If you are living in Germany, it would be better for you to join using their online sessions as you would not have to travel anywhere. 


If you are looking forward to becoming the best teacher, then you should join Arhanta Yoga Ashram. Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the best Ashrams that you can visit online and offline for your yoga teacher training programs.

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