Car Stickers: Factors Determining The Success Of This Advertising Tool

Car Stickers

You may have tried using several advertising tools but have you ever wondered how cars come to help for advertising your brand and business? One of the ways to enhance the prominence of your brand is through stickers. The stockers are easy to print and use and what’s more, they are highly affordable. Therefore, using a car sticker is a good option of advertisement for companies of varied sizes. When choosing car stickers, you can select from different options.

  • Car stickers

You can paste the stickers on the front and back bumpers and select from a wide range of options.  These stickers come with adhesive sheets at the back, so all you need is remove the sheet and paste them on the bumper.

  • Customized stickers

The customized stickers include various designs and the choice is based on the specifications of the customer. Therefore, companies can boost their sales in no time and grab the attention of customers readily. For instance, if you want to appeal to the young crowd, using funky colors and images with bizarre fonts may be highly appealing. On the other hand, for socially-relevant brands, the colors and the images are usually grave and the colors more neutral.

  • Car window stickers

When choosing stickers, for better recognition of your brand, you may come across unique options.   The window stockers are more prominent and easily noticeable.

Selecting the sticker

One of the basic reasons why stickers capture the attention of the masses is the probability of spending time out of doors. If you are looking forward to attention-grabbing stickers, here is what you must keep in mind.

  • Utilizing the right colors

Remember that nothing appeals to the customer’s eyes more than the scheme of colors. If you select the wrong colors when designing car stickers, you may fail to capture the attention of customers. Try to select colors based on the product or service you want to advertise. For instance, if it is a roadside eatery you want to promote, choose the colors of food. On the other hand, for the jewelry store you advertise, using sparkling shades create a semblance.

  • Size of the sticker

The sizes of car stickers can go to any length and breadth. Therefore, a sticker may resemble the size and shape of the food. Often, the sticker needs to appear bigger so that people can easily view them from a small distance, especially the image.

  • Include humor

A funny joke or slogan can go a long way in creating the desired effect. Including humor makes the stickers attractive and generates curiosity among the viewers. However, you need to be careful about the words or graphics of the humorous message and avoid cheap jokes or profanity.

  • Use catchy phrases

Applying a catchy slogan on the sticker helps in kicking your advertising campaign.  However, the business slogan you include must represent your brand and stay in the mind of viewers.  Try to keep the slogan short and simple so that it becomes a unique proposition.

If your brand permits, try to break away from symmetrical shapes and design and move into custom shapes for the best outcome.

By Taen

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