What is Indiastack api?

Indiastack Api

In the world where every technological advancement is focusing on introducing paperless, cashless and presence-less service delivery, India Stack has been a key player. IndiaStack is a set of APIs that governments, startups, businesses, and developers are utilizing to achieve the goal. India doesn’t boost some of the giant tech companies such as Amazon, but its growing population attracts the big tech giants from China, Russia, UK, and U.S. 

Indian Stack Key Parts

Unique Identification Number

The Aadhaar Stack has UIDAI which is a unique number for identifying the individuals in the biometric readings. 


The eKYC is for receiving industrial feedback for the organization to get instant customer verification. 


The Aadhaar Enabled Payment Systems (AEPS) improves the financial inclusion for the retailers that wants to go for digital financial payments. 


The unified Payment Interface (UPI) makes sure that customers can do financial transactions seamlessly for digital trading. 


This is functional as a result of the API that facilitates an Aadhaar user to electronically sign financial documents. 


The Digilocker uses the Indian Government repository for documents where users can sign for services by linking their cards. 

Digital Signature

The Digital signature allows users to electronically sign financial contracts without a paper or a pen. 

Indian Stack Key Layers

There are few distinct layers that are expected to form the core of India’s digital foundation which are presence-less layer, paperless layer, Cashless layer and the consent layer. 

The Presence-less layer

The first layer is the presence-less layer where there’s the ability of authentication from anywhere. It easily serves as a unique digital biometric identity with open API access. It has the Mobile A

Paperless Layer

The system introduces a serious reliance on digital records which comprises of the Aadhaar eSign, Digital Locker and eKYC. The system introduces the key ability to keep digital records and to retrieve digital records for a paperless ecosystem. The ecosystem can verify, store and document digitally anytime. 


The ecosystem encourages the use of digital payments. The cashless layer is owned by NPCI with the aim to move things to digital payments and cashless financial transactions. The system encourages transparency, and a unified payment interfaces with the API-enabled ecosystem. This allows players to transfer money from bank to bank, or Bank to mobile accounts digitally, and securely by simply initiating a Virtual Payment Address. 

Consent Layer

The consent layer facilitates the secure data authentication by the users. It is just an electric consent architecture that enables users to control data sharing, data flow, and data retention. In this layer, the data will move freely and securely as a way of democratizing the data market. The Account Aggregator Ecosystem will be the biggest benefit. 

Adding apis osssrinivasan 

The Indianstack API brings the ability of adding indiastack apis osssrinivasan. It is simple to use and integrate into the applications and its available in both Java and C++. The Indianstack provides several apis that serve different purposes. Users can access the API from anywhere in the world and you can develop and deploy the applications with ease. 

 Aadhaar has used the enabler for authentication which serves as a unique ID that offers people a digital identity. This is clear that the individuals can provide their identity proof from anywhere, anytime, and without physical documentation. The individuals are only expected to remember the 12-unique numbers and complete the authentication with a simple finger scan or the iris scan. The main function is to eliminate fake identities and duplicate identities. 

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