Why Do We Need Technical Logistics?

technical logistics

The simple answer to that question is, we are living in a changing world and everything is going digital, which requires technically-minded logistics. Old mechanical equipment is being replaced with digital upgrades and that has spawned a new specialist sector called white glove logistics that services many different industries.

Medical equipment

Both MRI and CT scanners are good examples of the highly technical equipment that white glove teams work with. Replacing a generator at a major facility would also need tech logistics from a leading UK provider at www.rhenus-hightech.co.uk, who specialise in full installation and final mile delivery services. There are many challenges to handling large and complex equipment; an MRI scanner might be located on the 7th floor and the machine has to be manhandled into elevators, along corridors and through doorways, before the installation can begin. Power is then connected and the technicians begin to configure the equipment, following OEM protocols.

Fitness & sports

Top of the range fitness equipment demands professional handling; next time you are pounding away on a treadmill at your local gym, the machine was installed and is maintained by white glove technicians. At sports arenas, the access control systems are under the care of technical logistics, who transport and install new components and are on hand to fix and breakdowns. All forms of access control are complex and they often malfunction, which means 24/7 emergency cover from dedicated technicians.

Government conferences

The pandemic forced governments around the world to move their activities online and technical logistics set up secure online networks, as they have telecommunication experts. These global conferences are obviously confidential and they would insist on having top cyber-security people onsite during the conference. Here are a few tips on how to get ahead of your competitors.

Full Technical Installation

Complex equipment requires full technical setup and configuration, something the white glove logistics company can handle. This type of work requires OEM certification and that can only be gained by spending time at their facility, learning what they need to know to facilitate their work; indeed, the technical logistics employee spends a lot of time attending such courses.

Final Mile Delivery

When an item of technical equipment is scheduled to be installed, the logistics provider would arrange to take possession of the equipment within a short distance of the final destination and from that point, they are responsible for everything. Prior to that, the white glove team would send someone to carry out a site survey, which allows them to plan the project.

A Changing World

As we move into the next level of digital development, technical logistics is a growing sector and there are top providers in the UK who are equipped to handle complex technical equipment. Touch-screen tech is already popular and this new generation of digital devices does need technical support.

White glove logistics is the fastest growing sector and should you ever be in need of such services, a Google search is all it takes to locate an established provider.

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