7 Examples of Storeowners Using Vinyl Window Decals to Improve their Business

Vinyl Window Decals

Name one marketing tool that – helps in brand building, boosts customer awareness, and saves storage space. Do custom window decals come to your mind? These classy marketing tools are ideal for store owners who want to effectively build their brands in small communities. Bright, attractive decals can attract plenty of foot traffic to stores.

Plus, stores need cost-effective marketing tools like window displays and decals now more than ever. For many storeowners battling with the aftermaths of the COVID19 pandemic, rent for stores and commercial spaces are too high. Here’s the key question that store owners need to ask –

How do I use my store spaces in ways that attract outside attention?

Adhesive-backed graphics or window decals offer the perfect solution. These customizable signages can help store owners make the most of their windows. Don’t know how to use decals and window displays to benefit your business? Here are seven examples –

1. Share “Must Know” Business Statements

Your store signages should display clear and coherent messages about your brand. Store name, brand identity, key offers, etc., are “must-know” details for target consumers. Share them via your custom window graphics.

2. Display Clever Marketing Slogans

Share clever marketing messages and slogans via custom decals to attract curious customers. Here are some fun decal slogans savvy store owners use –

  • “Do you feel like getting major discounts today?”
  • “What’s the last time you got 50% off on a purchase?”
  • “Free coupons for families”

Any marketing statement that encourages people to step inside your store will look great on a custom-designed vinyl decal. Get decals with sparkly, luster, gloss, or matte finishes to make these slogans appear more prominent.

3. Promote Event Specials

A great way to attract would-be shoppers on special occasions or events is by sharing offer-related details on storefront decals. Event sales and offers never fail to attract curious window shoppers. But, unless these shoppers learn about the offers, they won’t even think of entering your store. Make up their minds by promoting event specials on your custom decals.

4. Continuous Brand Growth

A strong, weather-resistant vinyl decal will work for your brand 24×7. Use decals with the same color combinations, designs, and styles for longer periods. The people who notice these decals will become aware of your brand. Soon enough, your business will attain brand recognition in the local community.

5. Publicize Details About New Products, Services, and Offers

Want would-be shoppers to step inside and check out your new products, offers, or services? Intrigue them by featuring product photos and offer details on your window decals.

6. Set the Mood on Special Occasions

On special occasions, your store needs to appear and feel special as well. Smart store owners use custom decals to display festive colors, sports-related messages, etc. They customize their window graphic displays as per seasonal events. For instance, if a local team is playing a game, attract fans by using customized decals featuring team colors.

7. Boost In-Store Privacy

Ground floor stores suffer from many privacy issues. Removable vinyl decals are ideal for resolving these issues. The store windows keep looking attractive to outsiders while providing privacy and shade to the insiders.

Many store owners fail to realize that their windows are prime, unused “real estate.” Using durable PVC or vinyl decals to decorate the windows is a practical and cost-efficient marketing solution.

By Taen

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