How to Purchase the Perfect Sun Shade Cloth

Sun Shade Cloth

Sun shade cloth, also known as sun shade sails not only transform the backyard into a cool comfortable space but also provide shelter against harmful UV rays. They are also perfect for creating shelter for the kid’s playing area.

However, some of the sun shade sails offer mediocre protection from the sun rays. Here are is the detailed guide that will help you to purchase the perfect shade sail.

Sun Shade Sail Planning

The sun as well as the shadow move throughout the entire day. Hence, if you want to achieve the best coverage, the sun shade sail should create the perfect coverage despite the location of the sun. Additionally, the sun sail also needs to be in perfect shape so that it can effectively block ultraviolet radiation.

Check the area you need to cover as well as your purpose for purchasing sun shade sail. Do you want to enjoy quality time in your backyard? Do you need to cover the swimming pool? Are there any reflective surfaces nearby that would reflect the UV rays?

Consider the timing when you’ll be using the sun shade sail mostly. Remember that location is extremely important. A place that is extremely hot in summer can become extremely cold in winter.

How Can You Choose the Shade Sail?

While purchasing the sun shade sails, remember that there are two types of shade sails available: woven and knitted. For great protection against UV rays, The Cancer Council NSW recommends you choose a fabric that is heavy, closely woven, and dark. This will not only block the sun rays but also absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation. On the other hand, sun shade sail structures can effectively block 94% of the UV rays. As per City of hope, UV rays can cause skin cancer.

The most popular types of shade sails are knitted ones as they are can be used both for commercial and domestic purposes. Knitted shade sails are also available from extra heavy to lightweight.

  • You can purchase the domestic-grade sun shade sails from local hardware stores. However, keep in mind that these shade sails offer between 60% and 99% of UV rays protection.
  • Commercial sun shade sails offer extreme protection against harmful sun rays as well as UV-A rays and UV-B rays. They possess higher strength and are perfect for covering large areas.

Shopping Around for Shade Sails

As per various reports, it’s been proved that the sun shade sail installation process in the United States is unregulated. This means that installers possess little knowledge regarding the designing of the shade sail as well as the installation process. Don’t forget that improper installation will affect the effectiveness of the shade sails.

Choosing the perfect provider is very important while purchasing sun shade sails. Most homeowners cannot leverage the benefits of shade sails due to poor tensions or lack of proper installation.

Here are some credentials you need to check before purchasing sun shade sails:

  • Does the sun shade sail have been tested to confirm its protection against UV rays?
  • What is the durability and specification of the cloths of the shade sails?
  • Does the shade sail come with a warranty? If so, how long is the warranty period?
  • Does the shade sail require constant cleaning or maintenance?


The cost of installing the perfect sun shade sail is dependent on the location of your house, the location of the shade sail, materials, size, etc. Do you have any questions? Comment below to let us know.

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