Using Table Runners in Your Home – Essential FAQs for the Newbie

Table Runners

Even though many tables are naturally beautiful, you can add considerably to their looks and make them match with your interior décor with the simple expedient of runners. Unlike a full-blown table cloth that covers the entire surface of the tabletop, a runner is a narrow length of natural or synthetic material placed at the table’s center that leaves the sides of the tabletop exposed. Some FAQs answered for a better appreciation of various aspects of tabletop runners:

What Is the Function of a Tabletop Runner?

Originally devised to keep tablecloths clean from food and drink spills, runners are now more commonly used to add a sense of aesthetics to the interior décor. The typical uses of these runners are highlighting a centerpiece, adding color and texture to the room, and creating a dramatic effect. According to Couleur Nature, using a runner is an easy way to make your table more attractive.

What Is the Ideal Size of a Runner?

There are no fixed sizes for runners even though most of them are 10-14 inches in width. You need to buy runners that occupy about one-third of the table’s width when place in the middle. While wider runners will look like tablecloths, you can always use a narrower one if you like, but it should not be so narrow that it looks like a strip. The length of the runner will depend on how long the table is. Some people prefer the runner not to hang over the edges, while others like table runners that hang as much as six inches over both the edges.

How Is the Runner Used?

Conventionally, the runner is placed so that it is in the center of the table when placed lengthwise. You can place it directly on top of the table or even lay it on the tablecloth to provide a nice contrast. You can even choose to place a short runner that looks like an elongated placemat to highlight a centerpiece on your table. On the other hand, a long runner that drapes over the edges of the table, much like a tablecloth, can lend a dramatic touch to the room, especially if it features tassels or decorative fringes.

Can Runners Be Used on Tables Other Than Dining Tables?

Even though runners are used mostly on dining tables, there is nothing to prevent you from using them elsewhere. You can easily place a decorative runner on a buffet table or a sideboard to give your dining room a touch of class. They also go very well on a console in the hall or a foyer table to make your home warm and inviting. If you want to experiment, you can even place a runner on your fireplace mantelpiece to highlight the space.


Runners are simple and present an easy and affordable way of decorating your house. They are readily available in many colors, designs, textures, and fabrics; which means that you will never be at a loss to choose one that goes best with your décor style.

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