Organic Products and Sustainability

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Nowadays, people have started using organic products in their day to day life since they are aware of the environmental hazards and sustainability. Organic products are nothing but items that use sustainable agricultural practices and eco-friendly materials in their making. The most commonly used organic products are organic grocery, organic vegetables, organic clothes, etc.

Organic products not only prevent harm to the environment but also our bodies. Mothers have even started feeding their babies with organic food and using affordable organic baby clothing to raise the babies with good health. Let us discuss in detail organic food and products in the upcoming paragraphs.

Types of organic products:

There are actually many types of organic products available these days but let’s see the commonly used ones.

Organic food products:

Organic food products are produced by using natural fertilizers and manures without destroying the progenitive and reproductive capacity of the soil. Using these natural materials makes the plants resistant to diseases and allows them to grow healthily and naturally. Organic food products can be classified into organic food and beverages.

Organic foods include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. Fruits and vegetables that are inorganic may contain insecticides and other chemicals on their skin, making them harmful to eat even after washing them thoroughly. Whereas organic fruits and vegetables have all nutrients retained in them and are healthy for consumption.

Some of the organic fruits and vegetables are potatoes, apples, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc. Organic dairy products and meats also have high nutrient content compared to inorganic ones.

Organic beverages:

Organic beverages are new to the industry that is gaining popularity rapidly. They do not contain preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners, artificial flavours, growth hormones, genetically modified organisms and other chemicals. These are the healthiest alternatives for carbonated and energy drinks.

Organic clothing:

The clothes produced are organic and eco-friendly raw materials such as cotton, jute, linen, wool and ramie. Organic clothing primely includes baby clothing because they are prone to skin rashes and allergies easily. Cotton and wool are involved in making affordable organic baby clothing for their texture.

Organic personal care products:

Organic personal care products use natural ingredients extracted from organic raw materials such as essential oils, fruits and vegetable extracts, leaves, stem, dairy products, etc. These products are skin-friendly and have no side effects on the body.

What are sustainable products?

Sustainable products are nothing but items that do not cause any harm to the environment, whether in their use, manufacturing or disposal. They help preserve nature and reduce pollution considerably. They can be either new or recycled materials.

Home care products:

Eco-friendly home care products are made of plant-based ingredients like microbes, bio enzymes and plant chemicals used for natural cleaning. They are free from harmful chemicals such as bleach, sulphur, phosphate and acids.

Recycled knitting yarns:

To use across the supply chain, many manufacturers are recycling yarns for knitting. These yarns are fully recycled ones that are of superior quality and texture. These promote sustainability and help in conserving the environment.

Napkins and diapers:

Napkins and diapers are disposed of in millions every day and are potentially harmful due to the ingredients used in their production. So it is better to use eco-friendly napkins made out of bamboo and cloth.

Silicon containers:

Using silicon containers has the edge over plastic ones as they are reusable. Silicone containers can be used for heating in microwave ovens and as storage containers for your refrigerators.

Cloth bags:

Instead of using plastic bags, cloth bags are much preferable because they are reusable. Cloth bags are made of cotton, jute, bamboo, etc. and are a better eco-friendly alternative.

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