Should I Try Getting Divorced Without A Lawyer?

Divorced Without A Lawyer

For a lot of people, divorce is the dreaded word they don’t want to encounter in their lives. For them, divorce can mean pain, regret, sadness, loneliness, and the guilt of breaking up a family. If you are thinking of getting a divorce and wondering whether you could do it without a Toledo divorce attorney, then think again!

In very few cases, getting a divorce without an attorney can be a good thing to do. But with divorce cases rising, and you have to think about your future without your spouse, it may not be such a smart thing to do.

Here are some of the reasons why hiring a divorce lawyer may work for you.

 1. Access To Expert Advice

This is the No. 1 reason why you need an attorney. An expert lawyer can help a person receive all the things she deserves with the divorce. A professional can be an invaluable resource in cases where things are complicated or splitting of assets will be done.

Did you know that in some cases, an ex-spouse had rights over the retirement benefits a person is going to receive later in life? That is why getting counsel will help you make sure that you get what you need with your divorce. You need someone on your side who will make things happen. You don’t want to be shortchanged.

 2. Better Handle On Stress And Anxiety

Divorce is inevitably a stressful occasion in people’s lives. A good lawyer can take some of that stress and anxiety away by planning and strategizing everything.

You are too close to your marriage and divorce. This can easily prevent you from seeing things clearly and making a decision. With an attorney, you can get a better handle on things as you can deal with the stress more easily.

 3. Avoid complications And Mistakes

The legal system can be very complicated for a layperson. It is easy to make mistakes that will complicate matters. You may not get the divorce you deserve. You may simply forget the credit card debt incurred by your partner. You may simply not make the point about child custody that will tilt the case in your favor.

With an expert lawyer by your side, such mistakes will never happen. As long as you disclose your case to the lawyer fully, chances are, the divorce will be in a way that favors you.

 4. Delays Are Avoided

When you try to get a divorce on your own, the sheer amount of paperwork and form filling can be exhausting. In a vulnerable state, such things can be tough to deal with and will be time-consuming. This can lead to court delays.

With an attorney, you can be assured that there are no delays and everything happens on time. Other problems that may occur will also be dealt with without you being the wiser.

Sure, it is possible to get a divorce on your own. But hiring a good law firm for the same is just a lot smarter!

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