Spring Plants For Designing a Plantastic Bedroom

Plantastic Bedroom

We’ve always been told that plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide during the day as they make their food. At night the plants let out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen. While pants exhale carbon dioxide at night, adding two or more plants beside your bed will not lead to carbon dioxide poisoning. It’s safe to grow plants in the bedroom. What’s more, plants bring tranquility and calmness to your bedroom. Some plants exude soothing smells that kick in a relaxing mood which helps you develop good sleeping patterns. Connect with nature by adding the following spring plants in the bedroom.

Scent Your It with Lavender

The fragrance exuded by the lavender plant is a pleasant relaxation inducer. The lavender plant has a light and refreshing floral scent with stress-reducing elements. If you place it next to your bed, it lets out a scent that calms your soul, lowers your heart rate, and curbs stress-causing hormones. The plant will scent you off into a deep slumber. To benefit from the lavender plant, your need to give it enough water, food, light, love, and care.

Light For Plants’ Life

The plant loves warmth and lots of light. Put it next to a sunny window sill. If the window in your bedroom doesn’t receive direct sunlight, grow lights will do the trick. The LED grow lights will let you nurture luscious lavender flowers throughout the year. Grow lights let you enjoy bright purple flowers in your bedroom at the peak of winter. If you need to learn more about the usage of these LED lights then you can read online grow lights guides containing the necessary information.

Achieve a Dreamy Bedroom with an Orchid

The amazing beauty creates a dreamy ambiance in your bedroom. The plant fills your bedroom with a delightful scent. On top of that, the plant releases oxygen and takes in carbon oxide as you sleep. Keep it by your bed stand to breathe in purified air as your sleep. Besides, it would be great to wake up next to a beautiful orchid bloom. Make sure you give it enough indirect sunlight to get the most out of the plant. Don’t overwater it.

Let the Anthurium Plant Bring Exoticness into Your Bedroom

When combined with a beautiful pot, the anthurium plant adds a dash of elegance to your bedroom. Once it blooms, the plant brightens the room with its exotic and bold blooms. The blooms are a sight to behold. The heart-shaped blooms spark happiness and joy, thus great for the bedroom. Besides, an anthurium plant detoxifies the air. The large and dense leaves soak air contaminants present in the bedroom. With appropriate care, the plant will bloom all through the year.

A Potted Peace lily

The showy plant lets you breathe in purified air as you sleep. It also makes your bedroom humid, thus keeping respiratory infections at bay. The beauty also absorbs allergens such as mold spores in the bedroom. The enchanting beauty exuded by the peace lily plant gives your bedroom a sophisticated feel. The blooms also bring positive energy and a peaceful feel wherever it goes. The good thing about peace lilies is they don’t need lots of light. It cannot stand direct sunlight. The plant needs a lot of water. The soil should always be moist.

Infuse the Bedroom With the Jasmine

Once it blooms, the flowers fill your bedroom with a very sweet and dreamy scent. The scent evokes a relaxed mood. The jasmine scent is known to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. The jasmine plant has sedative elements which ease a stress-free sleeping session. The plant also neutralizes the air in the bedroom. This plant likes water and pruning. The plant also needs more than 6 hours of direct sunlight. You can supplement the sunlight with grow lights.

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Turn the bedroom into a zen bedroom by adding lavender, jasmine, anthurium, peace lily, or orchids in the bedroom. They add an elegant feel to your bedroom. They also bring a calming effect to your bedroom, hence a great addition to the bedroom. Remember to match the pots and planters with the color palette in your bedroom.

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