Cowboy Hats for Women: Straw or Felt? How to Choose the Best One?

Cowboy Hats for Women

If you’re wearing cowboy hats for years, replacing one won’t be a difficult task for you. However, if you’re planning to purchase cowboy hats for the first time, choosing the perfect one might prove challenging. Do you need to purchase straw cowboy hats for women? Or will felt cowboy hats work better? Can you go with a cheaper option? These are just a few considerations you need to remember.

Women generally wear straw cowboy hats during summer as the hats help the escape from the heat. On the other hand, women prefer wearing the felt cowboy hats during winter or other types of formal occasions. Even though cheap cowboy hats for women are great, they are not as eye-catching or durable as expensive cowboy hats.

For most women, choosing the best cowboy hats is a more overwhelming task than their expectations. As there are various materials and design options available in the market, how can you choose the best one? Continue reading the article to know more.

Why Cowboy Hats for Women Are Shaped the Way They Are?

Even though cowgirl hats are extremely popular amongst women, why do they consider purchasing them in the first place? This is because the primary objective of the cowboy hats is to protect the eyes of the wearer from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Not to mention, the hats can also protect the wearer from dirt and dust.

The brim of the cowgirl hats is designed in such a way that it can guard the neck and forehead of the wearer from rain and sun. These western hats are also extremely effective at boosting the overall fashion sense. You can wear cowgirl hats for both formal and informal occasions. However, you need to ensure that you’re pairing them with the proper dress code.

Felt and straw are the two most popular styles of cowboy hats. They are perfect for women who want to showcase western fashion statements. You can pair your cowgirl hats with boots, blazers, shirts, jeans, and many more.

Factors to Remember While Choosing Cowboy Hats

There are various factors you should consider while purchasing cowgirl hats. Some of the most important factors are:

  • The fitting of the hat
  • The comfort of the hat
  • The material you choose
  • The cost
  • The protection factor
  • The design and styles

Additionally, you also need to consider the occasions as well as the weather conditions before you start purchasing the cowgirl hats. If you purchase felt cowboy hats during summer, they won’t prove effective.

Why You Should Purchase Straw Cowboy Hats for Women?

If you want to pull off the best summer look, you should consider buying straw cowgirl hats that will help you compliment the style. If you want to feel and look cool while also showcasing a proper vibe, the straw hats should be your first choice.

Straw cowgirl hats are not only breathable and lightweight, but they are also one of the best options during the summer months as they don’t absorb excessive sunlight.

If you’re finding something that will protect you from the UV rays of the sun while also boosting your personality, you should choose straw cowboy hats. As per CDC, UV protection is important. Not only they will protect you from heat, but they are also extremely effective at protecting you from wind and dust. Straw cowboy hats are less expensive and require less maintenance process than felt, leather, and wool cowboy hats. Make sure you check the number of X while buying the straw cowboy hats. The X will determine the narrowness of the reed and the tightness of the weave. The higher number of Xs, the more durable the cowgirl hat is. In short, a 20X cowgirl hat will be more expensive and durable than a 5X cowgirl hat.

Best Time to Wear Felt Cowgirl Hats

The straw hats are perfect for the hot climate conditions as the hats come with breathability functions that will keep your head cool. However, during the winter months, the felt cowboy hats for women will be more relevant.

Compared to the straw cowgirl hats, the felt cowgirl hats are more durable and heavier. Additionally, the felt cowgirl hats will protect your head from cold. This is why you need to consider the weather condition before you start choosing cowboy hats for women.

Even though you can wear the felt cowboy hats with formal outfits, you can still pair them with your informal outfits as well.

Cheap Cowgirl Hats vs. Expensive Cowgirl Hats

Some women believe that they need to spend a lot of money on cowboy hats, whereas others don’t prefer spending too much money. This is where the role of manufacturers comes into the picture.

Some manufacturers provide high-quality cowgirl hats at more affordable rates. However, some manufacturers aren’t honest and they charge a hectic amount of money. Make sure you determine the reputation of the manufacturer and the quality of the hats while buying.


Now that you know some great insights about the cowgirl hats, make sure you choose the best one. Consider contacting us if you need the best cowgirl hats.

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