I LOVE LOVE LOVE Matilda Jane Clothing

Matilda Jane Clothing

No, this post isn’t sponsored.

I am not being paid. I am not being bribed. I genuinely am an eagerly enthusiastic Matilda Jane Clothing fan. My name is Allison and I have an addiction. I am addicted to dressing up my daughter in the cutest fashions available on the market. There, I said it. Yes, I have a problem but I have no plans on doing a single thing about it. Would you?

Right before Carli was born, my friend Mitra (her daughter is the gorgeous little smiling sweetheart in this picture) introduced me to Janie & Jack. Love them. But then she (what a bad, but good influence) introduced me to Matilda Jane Clothing. My daughter was barely six months old when I became a total and complete child’s clothing snob. Unfortunately, Denise (the lovely woman behind the unconventional clothing line) rarely makes anything below a 12m (though I still beg daily). You, too, can beg on her Facebook page.  I did happen to find some very old items in 6-12 and was very happy, at that.

Finally, the time came in which Carli could fit into Matilda Jane. The addiction slowly (or shall I say quickly) intensified with every passing season. At first, I found myself overwhelmed with MJ fans.. who knew the lines and knew what each piece was called. But I found myself this past season asking other fans, “Do you know where I can score that freaking adorable vintage ballet dress from the Exclusive collection? I MUST HAVE IT!” (and yes, it’s every bit of adorable in real life as it is in the pictures.)

Then there is the Maya dress, The Ellie + Violet top, the Redheaded Pearl.. Carli was quickly becoming the most well-dressed 2-year-old in Central Florida. Unfortunately, in order to get Matilda Jane (her major clothing line) you have to locate a trunk keeper in your area and order via the phone or in person at a trunk show. Trunk shows are awesome, though, because you can see the pieces in person and try them on your child. You can see how they fit. You quickly fall in love and leave with an empty wallet.

Runway Ellie Halter Top

Fortunately, Denise has created a different website, The Matilda Jane Platinum line where she makes a few select items out of left over fabric and THESE you can purchase online. But I believe they are more limited. The image to the right is called the RUNWAY ELLIE HALTER TOP from the Platinum line that we had purchased for Carli a few weeks ago. For weeks it had sizes unavailable in a 2, but one day a 2 popped up and I snagged it. When I placed it on Carli, she squealed and wouldn’t let me take it off. A girl knows when she looks good!

Then, of course, as soon as I am way over my husband’s MJ allowance, they announce the 40% off ONLINE sale!! ACKITY ACK ACK! I have been waiting since December for the infamous online sale and I am totally broke for it. (But you don’t have to miss out like I did, because it’s going on now at Matilda Jane Clothing).

Luckily — (someone must be watching over this habit of mine) Forrest’s mother called up and told me she got my MUCH wanted Molly Skirt as well as the Flutter top and the Hammond Bay top. My mom then called the next morning to tell me she got Carli the Maya dress I had been eyeing as well as the Ellie + Violet top which goes perfectly with the violet ballet leggings she had scored in a trunk keeper sale earlier that week. Carli officially has a closet full of Matilda Jane Clothing!

Another great thing is that the clothes (for the most part) last a long time. What Carli has will be handed down to Katelyn and then either given back to Mitra (who has given us a TON of hand-me downs from her daughter) or sold. The resale on even used Matilda Jane items are often very close to what you purchased them for, if not more (depending on how well you took care of them and how HTF that item was!)

Plus — Carli NEVER EVER goes out in Matilda Jane and lacks attention. People are always stopping us to compliment us on her outfit, or you can hear whispers about how adorable her dress is and how sweet she looks. (And what Mama doesn’t love to hear that about their child?)

Now tell me — have I converted you, yet?


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