Types of Earrings that you must try on casually


The earring is one of the most fun jewelry to wear. There is such a wide variety of them – from gold earrings to beaded earrings – and they are suitable for any outfit, any occasion and any style. The earring adds a significant touch to any look, flatters the face and creates a chic and fun feeling. But despite the many benefits of the earring, one needs to know how to adjust it properly to get the desired effect.

The earring has different styles – tight, dangling, hoop, hugging, falling, etc. – and not every style is suitable for every outfit. An earring that you wear every day for work will not necessarily fit the wedding you have this week, and the colorful earring that everyone compliments on will probably not fit in the office in the morning. So how do you buy ethnic jewellery online that will fit exactly what you are wearing? The following guide will help you understand…

Stud Earrings

A stud earring is usually a small, classic earring, which sits close to the ear, and is sometimes enough to create a sophisticated and elegant look. The stud earring comes in a variety of models and colors, does not attract too much attention but still adds elegant chic to any look. A tight earring is suitable for a meticulous look like buttoned shirts for women, work uniforms, and even just jeans and a shirt. Gold or silver stud earrings with a shining diamond in the center can also match with sparkling evening wear, like evening dresses.

Dangling earring

A dangling or hanging earring is a common earring, which comes in a variety of styles and shapes – gold earrings, through beaded earrings, stones and even diamonds. Such an earring hangs under the ear and adds interest and chic to the face and any outfit. There are some advantages to such an earring: on the one hand it is a little more interesting than the tight earring, on the other hand it is not too wild and therefore can suit both formal and casual events. It is always good to purchase a pair of gold or silver dangling earrings, which can fit almost any look and make it simple but also shiny.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are especially popular imitation earring set online. Hoop earrings come in different lengths, different materials (gold, silver earrings, etc.), shapes like circles, ovals, triangle, square and more. A short and smooth hoop earring, adorned with gems or diamonds can be perfect for business, formal and casual attire for everyday use at work. A large, prominent and colorful hoop earring is ideal for special occasions, and adds chic and youthful look even to a tight and simple black dress.

Hugging earring

An embracing earring is an earring that “embraces” the ear with a ring that connects the upper part of the ear to the lower part (like a “helix” style earring), from which pendants, beads, stones, diamonds and the like are implanted. This type of earring is extremely modern, gives a stylistic look and adds interest to any outfit. You can find colorful and prominent hug earrings, but also gold earrings that maintain a low and classic tone. Usually this type of earring is less suitable for formal wear at work, and suitable for loose, happy and screaming style wear.

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